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Profit By Paying Property Taxes

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Birddog's of the industry. There are over 3000 Delinquent Tax Investment opportunities, annually, around the USA. This program researches all of the counties and provides the appropriate available deals to the clients.

The success of this program is dependent on the success of each deal. We use our proprietary analysis research tools to determine the best investments for our clients insuring a successful and profitable outcome.

Acquisition and auction success. With years of experience participating and facilitating real estate auctions, we have developed disciplines and strategies that we use to support our clients during the prep and performance of the auctions.

Proceeding with profits. After becoming the successful bidder at a delinquent tax sale, the real journey begins. Following through on the exit strategy, whether that be selling, renting or etc... This program provides support throughout to maximize the return through the exit.




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Your Return Should NOT Be Equal To Your Risk

Rising Interest Rates

With interest rates on the rise, using OPM to fund your deals will begin eating into your profits. With this program, you can collect interest rather than pay it!

  • Earn Returns 16%+

Rising Inflation Rate

Inflation has reached its highest level in over 40 years. Your ROI has to be above 8% to realize an actual gain. With this program, you can guarantee that you're money will work for you.

Losing Stock Market and Bond Market

How much have you already lost, this year? That’s all I’m going to say about that. With this program, you may not be as liquid as you are in the market, but you are much more secure.

Property Taxes

Property Taxes, as a whole, would be reduced by nearly 20% If everyone paid their taxes on time and in full. With this program, everyone is a winner.

  • The state recoups the money needed to operate.
  • The investors get a great return on their money.
  • The homeowner gets the chance to reclaim their deed with no clouds.

High Prices

With real estate prices rising fast, many investors are left without an entrance point. This program offers an abundance of virtually no-risk real estate investments.

  • Set your investment threshold to find opportunities for as little as $500.
  • Rising prices, results in rising taxes which result in more investment chances.

Low Inventory

A shrinking number of properties available ensures less opportunity for real estate investors. This program allows you to create, rather than compete.

  • There are 50,000+ investment opportunities, and more are added every year.
  • Competition levels are much lower than in the traditional real estate market.

Limited Number of Investors Per Market

Accepting Clients Now - Take Action By Requesting an Appointment.

Start Up Investment



Reserves Investment Position In Market

Cements Clients Commitment to Program

Covers Time And Research of Opportunities



Registering Bidder Account with Municipalities

Creating Investment Entity

Administrative Work



Establish EIN and W-9 With Corporation Commission and Municple Treasurer

Business Banking Organization


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